Adventures in GSoC 5

Written on Aug 07, 2017 by Connor

During the last weeks, I finished adding [CEReactions] annotations where used in the spec and implemented custom element upgrades.

Pull Requests:


Custom element upgrades are the last major section of the custom element implementation. Upgrades handle scenarios where a custom element is created prior to it being defined. I have already written about custom element upgrades in another blog post. The Servo implementation was rather straight forward; however, I did encounter an issue with the custom element spec and filed an issue here.

Next Steps

For the next couple weeks I will triage the remaining test failures. These failures are either due to an issue with my implementation or a missing implementation of a different spec in Servo (this includes Shadow DOM, the Selection API, and others). I added a file to the gsoc repository that categorizes all the test failures. During the next week, I will finish investigating the test failures and create patches for any tests that are failing due to a mistake in the custom element implementation.

For more information on my gsoc project, check out my proposal and roadmap.